Premium Brand of Khewra Salt Group

Premium Brand of Khewra Salt Group

We are a Brand of Pink Himalayan Salt

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We are a Pakistani-Polish partnership specializing in products made of Himalayan Salt - the purest salt on Earth. We are a shareholder of the second largest salt mine in the world - Khewra Salt Mine, as well as we have our own small salt mine. Our mission is to share this treasure of the Earth with the wholeworld. Our manufacture is located at the heart of the world'sfamous Himalyan salt range - Karakoram, few hundred yards from Khewra Salt Mine. It is here that our skilled craftsmen make allthe beautiful salt lamps in various shapes, tealight holders, massage stones, salt soaps, bricks and as well as our unique saltware. Moreover, Khewra Salt offers microclimate salt caves and exclusive salt saunas. We cooperate with a pioneer in the construction of salt caves and saunas from Poland - the cradle of halotherapy. 

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About Himalayan Saltware

  • Khewra Salt offers a variety of kitchware made entirely or solid himalayan crystal salt. Our salt thin tiles are perfect for fancy serving of sushi, vegetable dishes, all kinds of starters. Thick tils are best for grilling and roasting of thin-sliced meat, frutti di mare and vegetables. In salt bowl one can serve all kinds of salad but also fruit dishes and salt shot glasses are best for tequila. Saltware is not only one of the most curios and spectacular type of dishes in the world but very handy and healthy also. It gives the dishes an exquisite, slightly salty, taste and enrich them with minerals necessary for human body. It are very easy to use after the dish, - simply wipe them with a damp cloth or quickly rinse under the tap and dry out. They do not require the use of any detergents, because salt has natural antibacterial and antifungal properties.

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